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About Major. Production Design & Art Direction. 

In the midst of the devastating destruction that has been inflicted upon the paradisiacal world by humanity, my artistic series, LANDSCAPES, aims to explore the unadulterated authenticity of Baja's wild and untamed terrain. Additionally, my photographic masterpiece, TARAHUMARAS, pays tribute to the indigenous people's resilience in the face of modern consumerism, which is a significant contributing factor to the current environmental crisis. It is a moving tribute to their cherished way of life, their idiosyncratic habits, and their profound, symbiotic relationship with the natural world - a world that I, as an artist, have a profound love for capturing through my lens.


Currently, I am endeavoring to establish a socially conscious initiative within my city, aimed at transforming it into the first exemplar of an environmentally sustainable city in Mexico.  I am profoundly interested in exploring the potential of my artistic work to rouse the awareness of its observers, challenging their values, and arousing within them a fervent call to action - not only to transform the world at large but, more crucially, to affect change in my city, in the present moment.


The purpose of this tour is not to showcase me. I am just a woman and mother of two, navigating the frenzied pace of modern life, with feelings of a frustrated ballerina trying to meditate to achieve a little peace and to be able to do what I love the most, which is to take photographs.

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