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My story

"Do you dare to look at me? Look at me and tell me that water will still flow where I live, look at me and tell me that I will still have nature around when I am your age. I know  you don´t know me, and probably you won´t care. I just ask you to look at me and lie telling me that you are doing your best to preserve my home."

Wan´t to do something? Here is how...








I took this picture of this girl from far away. She knew from there, that I wanted to capture her and her message.

Note: This piece has everything to do with reality. Kids sell their parent´s products and are used by photographers to shoot their life. Get your own conclusions.

The Tarahumara, or self-called Rarámuri, are one of the largest indigenous tribes in North America with nearly 100,000 people. The majority are concentrated in the highlands of the Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico, while others choose to live in las barrancas – the gorges of the Sierra Madre.

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